Washington DC, Prince George's County, Montgomery County, Alexandria City, Arlington County.

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One Knock Legal Process Services would like to thank you for taking time to consider doing business with us. We take pride in effectuating service of process in the quickest most professional manner possible and we like to assure you of some critical items listed below: 

First, we do not subcontract our documents out for service to people that do not have direct experience in the legal investigative industry. Many process server firms contract their work out at low wages to individuals they've never met before and this puts your case and documents at risk. One Knock Legal is actually lead by a qualified legal investigator with over 20 years of experience. This advantage has equipped us with exceeding the expectations and standards of our attorney clients and people representing themselves in various cases like child support, custody, divorce, restraining orders, and small claims. We serve ALL case documents. We Go Where They Won't!

Second, we are transparent with our rates. Some process serving companies will tell you that rates are designed on a case by case situation and that is why you do not see them on their website. This is done so they can inflate your bill with unnecessary charges. You will receive a flat rate upfront with no additional fees from us.

Lastly, Due diligence is included in your fee it's not an extra charge. We will conduct a preliminary skip trace to ensure we are attempting the best address from the start. Other companies will knowingly attempt bad addresses from the start and charge their clients more for attempting the correct address of an individual or business to be served. We don't pull those tricks. We lead our clients to victorious service of process.

We aim to win and keep your trust as a premiere process service agency in the Greater Washington, DC area.

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Do you have a love one in a nursing home, hospital or other assisted living facility? Do you need to complete Power of Attorney forms that require the signature and presence of a notary public?. We can assist you with notary services. We will come to your place of business, employment or home to complete documents. Pricing varies on time and location. Send requests to


Standard Rush Service - Service Attempt (within 2-4 days)

  • Fee is Per Address/Per Defendant. Payments are due prior to service of documents. You may upload your documents on our site or email them to:

Same Day - Service Attempt (within 24 hour of receiving documents)

  • Fee is Per Address/Per Defendant. Payments are due prior to service of documents. You may upload your documents on our site or email them to:
By submitting this information you hereby affirm that all of it is true and correct to your best knowledge. You will be held solely responsible for any false information provided. Upload multiple cases by creating a Zip Folder File. Please include pictures, social media, and other information to assist with faster service. Experiencing trouble with website: email documents to

What is your area of coverage?

We complete service of process in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, and parts of Maryland.  

Target Areas of Service:

Washington, DC
  • All zip codes
  • All businesses and government agencies
Prince George's County, MD
  • Capitol Heights
  • Seat Pleasant
  • Forest Heights
  • Forestville 
  • Suitland
  • Landover
  • Bowie
  • District Heights
  • Oxon Hill
  • Fort Washington
  • Camp Springs
Charles County, MD
  • Brandywine
  • La Plata
  • Lexington
  • Waldorf
Montgomery County, MD
  • Bethesda
  • Silver Spring
  • Wheaton
Alexandria City, VA
  • All zipcodes
Arlington County, VA
  • All zipcodes

How to send your documents for service?

You may upload documents directly on our site or you can email them to the address below: 

If your case requires serving the original documents please call to make arrangements for pickup and/or mailing originals to us. In most cases we find that serving copies of the originals are sufficient for the courts.

Is there a Refund Policy?

Refund Policy - There is no refund once service has been attempted on your documents. If you decide that you've picked the wrong service. We will adjust your documents to be served during the correct time frame. If service has already been attempted you must pay the fee for that time frame.

Are there any Guarantees for Service?

No Guarantees: There are no guarantees that your documents will be served or served to the listed individual or business. Many individuals and businesses avoid receiving service of process. However, you can rest assure that we will conduct the highest level of due diligence to get your documents served. No Process Serving Company can guarantee successful service in every case. If they make this claim find another company fast. It is impossible to guarantee that your documents will be served in every case.

How do I show proof that my documents were served?

Upon completion of service or non-service we will prepare an affidavit that is required to be filed with the court in the jurisdiction of the case. You will received this document shortly after service has been completed. It is YOUR responsibility to file the affidavit with the proper court.

Along with the affidavit you will receive photos of where the service took place or was attempted. These photos should be filed along with the affidavit to show proof of the process server's presence on noted time and date.

NO Trespassing Rules

No Trespassing:  Our Process Servers will abide by all "No Trespassing" signage postage on any property. If a Process Server sees any signs posted they will take a picture of the sign on the property to submit along with findings. Exception: If the Process Server is able to gain the attention and permission of the residents or owner to enter the property they will attempt service of your documents.

We do not perform the following:
  • Jump fences to enter restricted areas
  • Break into locked yards 
  • Enter any locked or restricted areas
  • Enter a property with "No Trespassing" sign without permission from owner or resident
  • Enter the homes of persons to be served.
  • Imitate any level of law enforcement.
  • Touch mailboxes

The safety of our process servers are very important. We will take all precautions to prevent them from harm or wrongful accusations of breaking the law. Process Servers are civilians at all times. They are not law enforcement. 
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